Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freehiking Rejuvenates My Soul

“I feel connected to the natural world around me more when I am nude with nothing standing between me and the environment. I can throw out some analogies here it's like skinny dipping, like going barefoot all over, etc. But those quick answers are so incomplete they don't even scratch the surface of the feelings. For me it is very nearly a religious experience. I feel closer to my version of The Creator when I am nude in nature. I am a part of this wonderful world, another being sharing that space with the wild creatures that live there. I find my senses are more heightened. I feel and sense things more. My eyes are keener and my hearing sharper. I feel the breeze and the rain on my skin, or the sun. I am enveloped by the surrounding nature. I go out in nature to recharge my batteries, to renew my soul, and to scrub off the layers of crud that living in civilization tends to put on you. I feel so good after a hike and if I have the opportunity to hike naked the feeling is multiplied. My skin has had a chance to breathe and perspire in the air, sunlight rejuvenates my cells - my eyes have beheld the wonders of nature. My memories of these hikes sustain me when I am cooped up in my civilized world. I savor these memories and look forward to the next hike to rejuvenate my soul.” - NudeAl


  1. I know the feeling. Let me add the idea of nude permaculture to the discussion of union with nature.