Monday, April 9, 2012

8 Reasons You Should Be Naked More Often

I like these quotes from Kate Fridkis, 8 Reasons You Should Be Naked More Often (

“Standing in front of the mirror, I had a small epiphany. I should get to know my naked body. I should get good at being naked. Actually, everyone should. If I was a dictator, I’d mandate daily naked time.”

“Under all those clothes, this the way you actually look. The rest is a disguise. Isn’t it weird not to know your own naked body? . . . But no matter how separate from your body you feel, you are your body. And it is you. . . So you should get to know yourself. Naked.”

“For amazing sex, body confidence is an absolute necessity.”

“The better you feel naked, the better you’ll feel in clothes. Because clothes won’t just be about hiding things, they’ll be about celebrating things. I want my clothes to be a celebration.”

“Liking yourself naked is liking yourself exposed, flawed, complicated, and undone. If you can like yourself like that, you can face the world proud and naked!”

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