Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharing Quietly

Recently on nudistclubhouse, Sunbunny made the following suggestion:

"Let's All Talk NUDE Quietly and Begin to Change the World! . . Apparel and other items with fun nudist/naturist related slogans are a PERFECT way to talk nude with non-nudists or closeted nudists."

She then asked the following question - any suggestions?

"I am trying to think of something I can have printed on a T-Shirt that speaks to this almost backdor approach. Anybody have any ideas?"

Here are a few responses from the site:

"I have some nudist resort t-shirts that would only be meaningful to anyone who knew of the resort, but I have been wearing some of my more obvious Naturist Society shirts out of the house lately." - Gynostim

"I . . . have . . . been asked a about a tee shirt that was provided by . . . the bare necessity cruise. That . . . was all I needed to open the conversation about nude recreation and the lifestyle." - Terrytan

" I have a sign posted on my door - Nudist lives here, dare to Bare T-Shirts, and bumper sticker and when asked if I am..." REALLY a NUDISY OMG!!!" I always smile and ask the person to join me sometime at the local nude beach...its a slow person at a atime." - TexasnNewd

"One of the other things we do to . . . is to leave our naturist publications out and accessible to those that visit our home. . . they are in the magazine basket in the "powder room" all our guests use when they visit. . . We know that many people, including her mother, have used this bathroom and have seen our naturist publications but have yet to have anyone emerge from the bathroom with one to ask us about it." - Fireprof

"We have . . . our wallpaper picture on our laptop! . . . Just lent our laptop to my sister and her husband a few weeks ago, to look up some information and check their email while they were staying with us for a couple nights. Our brother in law commented on the picture and asked..."did y'all go skinny dippin' someplace together!?" I said, "yeah, the Caribbean!" He wanted to talk about it more but was interupted by his kids and never got to..except to say...."wow, y'all's pretty progressive!" - Fireprof

"I often wear a blue polo shirt with the logo from Cypress Cove and the words "Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa. " I'm perfectly willing to discuss it with anyone who raises the issue. A casual, "Oh, we went there once," is enough to start a conversation if the person is interested. . . A favorite "discussion starter" of mine is to casually mention, "Oh, yeah, we spent the weekend at a really nice resort near Tampa called Paradise Lakes (or whatever). If the person is "into" the idea of nudism, he or she will recognize the name and same something like, "I've heard of that place . . ." and the conversation rolls on." - Nudesuncpl

"I have three t-shirts that I like to wear in public . One is my AANR nature trails t-shirt,the second one is a bright green shirt and my newest shirt is from Ocoee River Rafting which my brother-in-law gave me and it says RAFT NAKED it adds color to your cheeks which is also bright green. I've had a few people talk about them at work and I tell them I'm a naturist. Some will joke around about it, one lady said she has gone to nude beaches, but most were not interesred in trying it. So I can say I do some quiet advertising." - Cnbaresall

"One of our favorite T-shirts has a goofy bear and underneath are the words. "Bear Naked in Canada" It sure gives people a chuckle. We are proud as punch to wear it whether we are in the U.S. or home in Canada. " - Oddbutterfyl1

"A friend of mine over the weekend gave me a fridge magnet that I have now proudly put on the camper van dash. It says, "If I can't do it naked, it ain't worth doing." - Fuzzybare

"At work I have a scenic picture I took at Deep Creek Hot Springs as the screen saver on my computer. It does not show any people but it does show the beauty of the area. I have had two customers ask about where the picture was taken as it looked like a nice place to go to. In both cases I told them about the hot springs and how it is traditional for people to be nude there. The first person I told responded that would be fine and would have no problem going nude there. The second person was not comfortable with the idea and said that there was no way he would consider going there. I suppose that having a 50% positive response rate is good . . ." - JP

"I just received my AANR shirt today. . . It says live free live nude and I'm going to wear it everywhere." - Troy2012

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