Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Nude

". . . if society would allow people to be nude when they want to be, it would become a big, fat, nothing, zero, zed, null. After all, society has adjusted to less clothing. Just look at how people went about in public in 1906 as opposed to now to see what I mean. I see no less happening were nudity approached in this way. Eventually, everyone would incorporate it into the everyday scheme of things. . . just visit . . . nudist parks across this country and you’ll find people going about their day like any other people, only without clothing. That’s right; gardening, barbecuing, strolling, cycling, playing sports, swimming, reading, socializing—all without a stitch on. You’ll be “underwhelmed” by how normal the whole scene is once you get past the simple nakedness—just people going about their lives. And don’t go citing something bad that happened at a nudist park—something the media loves to do—as if those kinds of things don’t happen in a clothed environment. They happen, not because people are naked; they happen because people are people." - Tom Pine

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