Sunday, January 29, 2012

Naked Cooking & Eating

Have you ever enjoyed cooking and eating nude?

PJ and I are home nudists so often cook and eat nude at home. We love dining nude at resort facilities. Most resorts schedule great nude potluck nights. We even enjoyed a wonderfully memorable Thansgiving meal with naked friends. Cooking and eating is certainly a great way to enjoy naturism during the cold winter months.

Here is a link to photos of home nudists, many who enjoy cooking and eating naturally:

Here are quotes from many people who enjoy cooking and eating nude:

"I do love to bake in my buns! . . . Every day's a party, when ya cook in your birthday best! . . . I had a roommate for a time that used to love to sit and chat while I raged about in the kitchen. She was never one to be nude socially, but rather enjoyed my naked expression. We still joke about telling others that we had the most delicious "Naked Lobster" last night! Really, they ask, how do you make it? Well, naked of course." - Truro-n-free

" Treated the wife to breakfast in bed with whole wheat English muffin sandwich including egg, cheese and bacon (fried earlier textile and stored), coffee and OJ. Prepared by a naked cook and served by a nude waiter. Great way to start a Saturday morning." - Nudewalker

"I always cook whilst nude at home (after washing my hands of course!). I'm been fortunate so far and had no dramas." - Nude-Not-Rude

"I cook naked quite often but always wear an apron. I know it's not completely nude but at least I'm naked underneath!" - Mark

"Well, I've never found lack of clothes more dangerous than with. I do occasionally wear an apron if splashing is likely, just like when dressed." - David K.

"As all of my time from when I get home is spent nude that also includes cooking. If care is taken there are no accidents." - Badger

"Will and my mom do most of the cooking here and more often than not, both do it nude. I, however, have been known to assist whoever cooks and am usually nude." - KC

"As the first thing I do when I get home is strip off. Invariably I will cook naked." - Steve P.

"When I do cook I usally cook in the nude. So far no accidents, knock on wood. Just have to be careful and that applies to either being clothed or nude while cooking." - Larry

"Baking nude is fun, at least the part of preparing the doe. No need to worry where all the flour goes. Easy to clean up afterwards, including a quick shower while the bake is in the oven!" - Cony

"I often cook naked - most splashes clean off skin easier and cheaper than from clothes. If there's a risk of painful splashes - hot water or spitting fat, perhaps - I'll put on a plastic apron." - Peter

"A t-shirt won't stop you from getting burnt if you spill boiling water or oil on yourself, which I thankfully haven't done yet. When cooking or washing dishes, however, the occasional stray droplet can stain otherwise nice clothing, so it only makes sense to remove them." - Nemo I.

"There's a lot of naked cooking at our place. Jen and I really don't give it much thought as it just fits into the routine. We don't fry many foods, but when we do, we take some precautions. Otherwise, cooking is a household task, which like all the others, is more comfortably done in the nude." - Rhonda

"As I do 90% of the cooking in our household, in warmer months sometimes you'll catch me nude. My wife always asks if there's anything she can do to help? Occasionally I say yes, but if I'm nude I stipulate she must be dressed in a similar fashion. Once or twice she's surprised me by doing so." - NudeGuy

"I do a lot of cooking while nude. Just recently I was at Lighthouse Beach "nude section" on Long Island NY and BBQ'd chicken. Anybody that passed by was offered a piece. The chicken was gone in a matter of minutes. One couple had brought a steak and asked me to cook it for them, which I did. If I am cooking something that splatters like fried chicken or bacon, I make sure I have something on." - Barewrabbit

". . . when in a naturist environment I do cook nude. I barbecued nude for about 30 people at the club, except for the glove - that charcoal gets damned hot. I prepared a meal for friends at Cap d'Adge in the nude, in fact everything is done nude there so that doesn't really count. If the conditions are right and the opportunity is there I'm generally nude and there is little point in getting dressed to prepare dinner!" - Pete K.

"If I'm nude when it's time to cook something, I'll put on an apron, just as I do when clothed, to protect whatever is under the apron from drips and splatters. . . I did some naked cooking today. Nothing spectacular, just a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (actually sliced cheese product and tomato) on pumpernickel bread. A little mayo on the tomato side, a bit too much pepper, some dried basil, celery salt; and butter in the frying pan. All without apron or any other article of clothing." - Naturgesetz

"Today was the day the church group prepares meatloaves and baked potatoes for the soup kitchen (each in his and/or her own home). . . I had about 3 1/2 hours of glorious nudity while I prepared and cooked three meatloaves according to the recipe on Lipton's onion soup mix packages . . . and then baked 18 potatoes. Had to put clothes on to deliver them to the collection point." - Naturgesetz

"I often do baking nude though it also depends on the general home temperature. Certainly with baking there is little or no hot fat risk but a great deal of "mess" potential while mixing ingredients. It's simply much easier to wash just me than to wash my clothes as well. The same rule applies to household chores and gardening. Obviously you have to be mindful of hazards and neighbours but if it's warm enough most things are better done in the buff. . . I do housework and cooking nude whenever it is warm enough and I'm on my own. Why? Simply because cooking is often messy and it's much easier to wash me than my clothes. Housework because that requires physical exercise and sometimes involves stretching, clothes just get in the way. The other reason is simply because I enjoy being naked and it's just another chance to be that way. . . My wife thinks it strange but generally tolerates it." - Freecospirit

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