Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharing Quietly Again

Here are some more thoughts about Sunbunny's Sharing Quietly suggestion on nudistclubhouse:

"Let's All Talk NUDE Quietly and Begin to Change the World! Apparel and other items with fun nudist/naturist related slogans are a PERFECT way to talk nude with non-nudists or closeted nudists." - Sunbunny

“At the gym, as I was walking out, I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt that said "Life is short. Play Naked". If I see her and the T-shirt again, I will ask her if that is her life style or if she just inherited the T-shirt. We'll see where it goes from there.” – Billygoat

“A few years ago in Northern Michigan and along Lake Michigan my wife spotted a shop that she just had to go into. It was just north of a small town in the country with nice grounds around the shop. After waiting a while I entered the shop and spotted an American Sunbathing Association decal on the side of the cash register. Minutes later finding the owner alone I complimented him on displaying the decal and this led to a very pleasant conversation. Once he learned that we too were members he told me that behind the tall solid privacy fence, about 300 feet from the shop was a large private area where friends, and select locals could come and enjoy the pool, lay in the sun and even enjoy the beach on Lake Michigan. Yes, we were invited but unfortunately we had to move on to meet friends further up the road. No, we never went back to avail ourselves of the offer to enjoy the facilities. Years later now in a higher position in the company, along with a senior status and a head of white hair, mentioning to others that we were nudist, usually invited extended conversation about nudism and several people, usually ladies who had complimented my tan, would join us at a nudist club/resort no matter what part of the country we were in. Being open, casual, not forceful, and not embarrassed that you are a nudist most usually bring on a positive response from those who do not know the truth about nudism. I even got my 78 year old mother to join me at a club in Florida.” – Gene P.

“When I owned my retail shop, I placed a Naturist Society sticker on the display cabinet glass right by the cash register. The sticker was in place for about 5 years, and must have been seen thousands of times, yet only one person in all that time made any comment to me about it. He said something like this: "Naturist Society? Nice magazine" with a lascivious grin on his face.” - Mike

“I was wearing one of my nude 5k t-shirts when I flew back from Florida (and the cruise) this past November. When I got on the plane going from Atlanta to Salt Lake the (apparently Salt Lake-based flight crew) stewardess asked me quite bluntly as I boarded the plan if I "really ran that race naked". She asked so openly, loudly, and bluntly even I was a little taken aback for a moment. But, trying not to act too startled, I simply replied, "Yes, I did". Then another passenger said something about doing it with the bulls (I'd guess they heard about the whole Spain tradition that way) and I replied "No bulls, I'm not that crazy". That was the end of it. There's only so much time when boarding a plane, but I found it interesting. I've noticed most, especially in Utah, don't dare say much about my nudist t-shirts, and if they do they usually just laugh, assuming they're jokes. I guess that's why I didn't expect quite that bold of a question. But, I guess everyone nearby on the plane knew after that. Nobody said any more about it, however.” – Lee

Sunbunny asked the following question - any suggestions?

"I am trying to think of something I can have printed on a T-Shirt that speaks to this almost backdoor approach. Anybody have any ideas?"


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  4. I was planning on making some road signs
    in the style of the Burma Shave signs
    for WNGD.
    could you give me a link to your discussion

  5. Nutty Nuddie
    and Proud about it