Wednesday, August 8, 2012

People Who Enjoy Nudity Are In Good Company

“Benjamin Franklin was in the habit of taking air baths each morning in his room. He made some efforts to induce others to adopt the practice and speaks highly of the benefits he derived therefrom. Franklin particularly desired to divest himself of all clothing when doing mental work. . . The real question is - how many famous people are or were naturists without the general public becoming aware?” - Herbet M. Shelton The list of people who appreciate nudity and even practice naturism is nearly endless. Consider these famous people: Alan Graham MacDiarmid (Nobel Laureate Research Chemist), Alanis Morissette (Singer), Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor), Alicia Silverstone (Actor), Amy Grant (Singer), Barry Goldwater (Senator), Barry Manilow (Singer), Benjamin Franklin (Inventor/Politician), Benjamin Roston (Mine Detector Inventor), Bettie Page (Model), Betty White (Actress), Bev Killick (Actor), Billy Graham (Evangelist), Bismarck (1st German Chancellor), Bob Crane (Actor), Brad Pitt (Actor), Brian Giles (Major League Baseball Player), Brigitte Bardot (Actor), Bridget Fonda (Actor), Britney Spears (Actor), Bruce Willis (Actor), Calvin Coolidge (President), Carmenza Gomez (Actor), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Actor), Catherine Zeta Jones (Actor), Charles F. Richter (Earthquake Measuring System Inventor), Charlize Theron (Actor), Chelsea Handler (Model), Cher (Singer/Actor), Christina Aguilera (Singer), Christy Brinkley (Model), Claudia Schiffer (Actor), Daniel Radcliff (Actor - Harry Potter), Danny deVito (Actor), Daryl Hannah (Actor), David Duchovny (Actor), David Ginola (French Spurs Soccer Star), Demi Moore (Actor), Dolly Parton (Singer/Actor), Donna Summer (Singer), Drew Barrymore (Actor). Tired yet? Here are more people who appreciate nudity: Edgar Rice Burrows (Author), Edward Kennedy (Senator), Edward the 8th (King of England), Eliza Dushku (Actor), Elle McPherson (Model), Erica Durance (TV Actor – Smallville), Erica Jong (Actor), Ernest Hemmingway (Writer), Erykah Badu (Singer), Eugene O'Neill (Writer), Eva Mendes (Actor), Ewan McGregor (Actor), Framke Janssen (Actor), Fred Rogers (TV Actor - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood), Gabrielle Reece (Model), Gary Merrill (Actor), George Bernard Shaw (Playwright), George Orwell (Writer), Gerald Ford (President), Geraldo Rivera (News Reporter), Gilda Radner (Comedian/Actor), Goethe (Philosopher/Scientist), Gwyneth Paltrow (Actor), Halle Berry (Actor), Hanna Teter (US Olympian), Hayden Panettiere (Actor), Heidi Klum (Model), Helen Mirren (Actor), Helena Christensen (Model), Henry David Thoreau (Author), Hilary Swank (Actress), Isadora Duncan (Dancer). And here are more: Jack Nicholson (Actor), Jackie Kennedy Onassis (First Lady), Jennifer Hawkins (Model), Jerry Seinfeld (Comedian/TV Star), Jim Carrey (Actor), Jimmy Buffett (Singer), Jennifer Aniston (TV Actor), Jennifer Lopez (Actor), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Actor), Jenny McCarthy (Actor), Joanna Krupa (Model), John Adams (President), John Barrowman (Actor - Dr. Who), John D. MacArthur (Billionaire Insurance Man), John F. Kennedy (President), John Lennon (Singer), Josh Duhamel (Actor), Julianne Moore (Actor), Justin Timberlake (Actor), Kahlil Gibran (Writer), Karlie Kloss (Model), Kate Hudson (Actor), Kate Humble (Actor), Kate Winslet (Actor), Katherine Hepburn (Actor), Keira Knightley (Model), Kelly Clarkson (Singer), Kevin Bacon (Actor), Kyra Sedgwick (Actor), Lenard Nimoy (Actor – Spock), Leona Lewis (Singer), Lily Allen (Actor), Linda Hamilton (Actor), Lindsay Lohan (Actor), Lison Brie (Actor - Mad Men), Lizzy Caplan (Actor), Lynda Bellingham (Actor), Lyndon Johnson (President), Lynn Redgrave (Actor), Macy Gray (Singer), Madonna (Singer/Actor), Marcus Graham (Actor), Mark Twain (Author), Malin Akerman (Actor), Mary-Kate Olson (Actor), Matt Millen (Raiders Football Player), Matthew Fox (Actor), Matthew McConaughey (Actor), Megan Mullally (Actor), Michelangelo (Artist), Mischa Barton (Actor), Natalie Portman (Actor), Nick Offerman (Actor). Getting the idea? Many famous people appreciate nudity. Here are more: Olga Korbut (Gymnast), Olga Kurylenko (Actor), Padma Lakshmi (Actor), Pink (Singer), PJ Harvey (Singer), Rihanna (Singer), Richard Hatch (Writer), Rinko Kikuchi (Actor), Robbie Williams (Actor), Robert Broom (Scottish Paleontologist), Robert Heinlein (Writer), Robert McNamara (World Bank President, former U.S. Defense Secretary), Roger Baldwin (American Civil Liberties Union Founder), Rosario Dawson (Actor - Sin City), Ross Allen (Actor), Scott Brown (Politician), Sean Connery (Actor), Shakira (Singer), Sienna Miller (Actor), Sir Ian McKellen (Actor), Sophie Monk (Actor), Suzanne McNaughton (Opera Star), Theodore Roosevelt (President), Thomas Eakins (Painter), Uma Thurman (Actor), Ursula Andress (Actor), Walt Disney (Businessman), Walt Whitman (Poet), Will Young (Singer/Actor), Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England), Woody Guthrie (Singer), Woody Harrelson (Actor). “[We swam] Rock Creek or even the Potomac if it came in our way. Of course, under such circumstances we had to arrange that our return to Washington should be when it was dark, so that our appearance might scandalize no one. . . If we swam the Potomac, we usually took off our clothes. I remember one such occasion when the French Ambassador, Jusserand, who was a member of the Tennis Cabinet, was along, and, just as we were about to get into the swim, somebody said, 'Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Ambassador, you haven't taken off your gloves,' to which he promptly responded, 'I think I will leave them on; we might meet ladies!’” - President Theodore Roosevelt


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