Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Can We Do?

“When I was a kid here in Utah we had a public pool and after swim team or anytime really we were always hanging out in the shower room naked. There were no dividers in the shower and it was all good. We would even have towel fights or other goofing off. Today it is a no go. I have had kids in gym and sports and no one showers in front of each other. It is a bit bizarre with how the world has progressed in other areas and the rise of a more predominant progressive mind set. And yet I am sure none of my kids have showered or maybe even seen the same gender naked. I think it is pretty ridiculous and so do all my friends and few of them are naturist or nudists. So the question is are they going to be freaked out or bothered if they ever see anyone shower naked or heaven forbid a nudist or freehiker. It feels like we have done a disservice to future generations.” – Threadsfree “I use our local gym here in Chico, California . . . My gym has a men's-only steam room, dry sauna, and jacuzzi, and large group shower in one room. I am astounded at the silliness of modern-day youth. I am 48 and grew up showering everyday in high school, required of course, with the gym teacher standing there handing out towels and making sure you showered and returned them. . . I see young men practically do gymnastics in their efforts to change their clothes without their bodies being seen. I saw a guy in the Jacuzzi with shirt and shorts. I see guys shower in shirt and shorts. I see guys who have worn boxers into the shower and then act embarrassed by their boxers "showing" so they hold a towel tightly around their midsection to "hide" their boxers. What the hell is life coming to in this country? I am honestly dismayed that this kind of behavior can even exist. Those of us who are simply being ourselves living in reality, natural, and comfortable, unwilling to pretend that we need to "hide" for some reason, are a dying species. I fear, honestly I fear, for the next generation when those of us over forty are dead and no one even remembers what body freedom is about. It's not just about body freedom. It's about freedom of loving, of believing things, of expressing one's feelings, of being an individual. From my point of view, these young people are growing so distant from reality on so many levels that they are becoming like the electronics they worship. . . I am interested in making a difference if there is anything we all think we could actually do to turn the tide back to a nature-based reality.” - Brian Anthony Kraemer


  1. I would never dream of using a sauna or shower with clothes on. These days in the gym I see 20 and 30ish guys go into the sauna with exactly the same clothes they just exercised in, shoes and everything. I really don't understand what they are thinking but they must be buying their jock itch medicine by the barrel.

    Is it all fear of gay interaction?

    In any case, I do wonder if they think I am nuts to be naked in the sauna.

  2. I too grew up showering in no stall showers after gym class and sports now kids don't even shower because we have made them feel so self conscious about there bodies. Used belong to gym and always thought it was odd when some guys walked around totally covered up in locker room and did sauna and hot tub in shorts. The social pressure are great against being comfortable and nude.

    1. One at work in the Gym Dressing Room I was changing my underwear and a guy happened to be walking by. He replied as loud as he could WOW!!! I could never figure if he was admiring, or if disgusted. I have seen guys there completely naked, all I do is look and do not say anything. We are after all in a place where is normal for a guy to be nude

  3. I was born in Italy and came to the US at age 16. Due to a surgery to remove stones from my kidneys and bladder I had to be totally shaved. I was absolutely embarassed to show my shaved cock and lower body. Only now at age 61 I do not feel embarassed to piss in a public urinal and obviously show off my fully haired cock again

  4. I've always been the kid who wouldn't shower in front of people. I'm a guy, but I didn't like removing even my shirt! Now I'm still opposed to it, but part of that is because I'm overweight and don't feel comfortable in mixed company (I'm still single, lol).

    But back to the showering thing, it's strange to me. I know mentally that there's nothing wrong with it, but our culture has become so sexually charged that ANY nudity conjures up sexual thoughts. Maybe not actual lust, but certainly confusion.

    As someone who used to be possibly addicted to pornography (and still occasionally struggling with it, though not as much thank God), I both became more ashamed of it and desensitized to it. But it certainly gave me a distorted view of the human body, and in my formative years starting at 15.

    I think porn has a lot to do with it, especially when you consider the staggering percentages of kids who view porn or at least see it once. And even if they haven't seen it, they know about it either from their peers, their teachers, or their parents discussing it. Kids just have no innocence these days. They're taught that they need to hide so much of themselves.

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